Friday, 31 July 2009

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Blade runner 3d model project


To model a vehicle out of the film Blade Runner, my aim is to try and keep this thread up and running posting my progress as i work through the project. I will model the vehicle in Autodesk Maya, my aim is to replicate the original through researching the blueprints/schematics as well as observing as many images i can find on the internet to assist me in adding as much detail as possible. The final result will be a detailed polygon model of the original, textured and rendered to resemble as closely the vehicle from the film. If possible a short animation of the vehicle in motion as well.

sketching out the basic body mesh, concentrating on the curve of the cockpit. Laying down the topology that will help aid me later on when developing different areas. working on one side only as once complete, the mesh will be mirrored.

Sat 01 August

Continuing the main body area, concentrating on the cockpit area. Added the basic wing door shape. Going to continue sketching out the main areas trying to keep the poly count as low as possible.

Sun 02 August

Starting to model the side wing area, as well as sketching out the rear of the vehicle and top fin. My aim is to flesh out each major area of the vehicle before more detail can be added.

Mon 03 August

Continuing the rear of the vehicle, working on the placement of some details such as the lower chassis area. i decided to cut out the door as well as add a grill section to the front of the vehicle. I have started modeling the basic shape of the wheel area found towards the front of the vehicle. At this stage i'm finding i have to tweak the body slightly in different areas as i observe different reference images. I'm finding that some reference images vary slightly so i'm picking and choosing which images to go with when modeling some areas.

Tue 04 Aug

For a few days i was mulling over whether the front of the cockpit had a slight dip/slope to it, were the front portion begins. I was finding it hard to tell from still reference images, so i re- watched Blade Runner paying specific attention to the scenes containing the 'spinner' vehicle. I found that there was in fact a slight dip so i have now added that to the latest version of my model. I have been mainly focusing on the details of certain areas making sure there correct in comparison with the original Film model. I have also added more to the front wheel container areas, adding the caps and the spherical object to the side of it. In the film the side parts shielding the wheel actually rotate from vertical to horizontal. So i have been making sure if i decide later to rig my model for this exact function it will actual work. Each main area has been constructed to a basic mesh, my job now is to add the necessary detail.

Wed 05 Aug

Continuing working through the details, edited the front section of the vehicle and incorporated the lighting component. This area was tricky to model due to lack of reference images, i eventually found an image from the studio model so i worked from that mostly. I have also added small details to the wheel section. I have made small tweaks to the vehicle has i came across a selection of photos that showed the original studio model, so i have edited the mesh in comparison with the studio model photos, as i would like my model to resemble the original as closely as possible.

Thurs 06 Aug

Today i have been spending a lot of time comparing reference images as the area i planned to work on differed in a large way from image to image. The section i worked on was near the frame of the door, i have decided to work from the studio model reference as best as i can. I have also added small detail to the wheel section, this was tricky as the area i needed to work on, just behind the side wheel container. I couldn't find any detailed reference images at all so i had to use my judgement.


I have continued to work on the oval section near the door frame. Im gradually getting it done to a point where i am happy with it. It still needs some work as it is a complicated piece of topology to create but my progress can be seen below. I have also added a smoothed version to show the effect i am generating which is pleasingly similar to the reference i am following.

Sat 08 Aug

I have been spending a lot of time recently working on the under-side of the 'spinner'. I managed to find some excellent material to reference from, It is still far from completion but the image below should give an idea of how its looking.

Sun 09 Aug

I have been continuing the work on the under side of the vehicle. All the basic shapes have now been modeled and are in place. A few more details need to be ironed out around the rear wheel area. I have also changed the material of the mesh just to keep the model fresh as i work on it. As the screenshots show the model is coming together.

Wed 12 Aug

I have recently been working on small details here and there as well as getting the model prepped before it is smoothed. This process takes some time because as i add more topology to define certain section it effects other sections in tandem. So i am working on getting the balance right at the moment. I have been working on the wheel section so far which can be seen in the picture below.

Continuing to work on getting the mesh defined so it can be smoothed. Trying to keep a balance between definition and poly count. As a model is smoothed the mesh can get denser and denser as more definition via the polygons are added. The more dense a mesh is, the longer the render times. By keeping the poly count in mind as you model you can keep an eye on how long your scene will take to render. I'm working on defining the mesh of the main body of the vehicle at the moment. It still needs a lot of work but you can see how the under side of the body is shaping up from the picture below.

Sat 15 Aug

Its been a few days since i have worked on the model. I'm still defining the mesh so it can be smoothed. Focusing on making sure the topology is neat and correct.

Sun 16 Aug

Adding detail, The vehicle has a few grooves along the outer casing so i have been adding them as well as tidying up the topology. The vehicle is mostly un-organic in shape where it has straight sharp corners, lines and square shapes, but the top of the vehicle as well as a few sections on the bottom are more organic as it resembles a continuos curve. As the vehicle if made in real life would be manufactured using machines, to get this crisp and clean look the topology has to be neat and organized.


Smoothed Door

Sat Aug 22

I have added some more detail to the door section. I have also been working on the rear section and decided the best method to define the rear is to brake the model up into each section or each 'panel'. I noticed through observing my reference images the rear of the 'spinner' is constructed in a similar way to a car. Each section is a separate panel that has been placed next to each other to form the rear. This can be seen in the following reference image,

Tues 25th Aug

I have been correcting some of the geometry at the rear of the vehicle, splitting up different sections into panels etc. Making sure the curve of the vehicle is consistent throughout each panel. Created the lamps that sit inside the rear light holder. I am beginning to work on the curved prong like object that sits on the left side of the vehicle, as well as making sure the underside of the vehicle is aligned with the rear and side sections of the vehicle. as well as filling out the empty space that lives inside the rear. Possible mechanical looking objects would suffice just to fill the empty gap

:Edit: I have done some more work to the side panel, which can be seen below

Wed 26th Aug

I have modeled the inner section of the door's frame as i am planning to model the interior. I have added detail to the two vents on the side of the spinner, by adding grills. I have also modeled the wheel that sits under the wing. I am mainly focusing on making sure each of the panels piece together like a jigsaw.


I have separated and tweaked the separate panels (see below). Thickness has been added to each panel to give it more depth, as well as allow shadow to fill the gaps between each panel when rendered. From observing references I can see how the original vehicle was put together, and replicate the same method when I model. So I can replicate as much detail as possible.

Sat 19 Sept

Its been a while since iv worked on this project, So im going to see if i can progress tonight, I believe that the outer geometry is pretty much complete so i have started to mirror the geometry that is complete. Mainly the rear and bottom geometry.

Mon 21st September

I have been grouping my geometry and smoothing it, so I can produce some clay render tests.
I have added some renders below. I am pretty happy with the smoothed version of the model so far. A few tweaks will need to be made along with the modeling of the roof lights as well as the interior.

Testing some coloured shaders

Tues 22nd Sept

I have started working on creating the interior, its very rough at this stage but I have sketched out the shape for the dashboard and the middle control panel. I am struggling finding some decent reference images for the interior, so some of it may have to be guess work. I am enjoying it so far tho, the lack of reference allows for a bit of creative license.

Wed 23rd Sept

Continuing working on the interior. Adding detail to the dashboard section, I am finding my best references are coming from pausing the dvd and modeling from that. I feel its going quite well, the key to getting the interior to look right is to add plenty of detail to certain areas. Especially the control panels.

24 Thurs Sept

I have been working on the chair, adding small details.

Mon 28th Sept

continuing the detail on the chair, adding the head rest, duplicating geometry and placing it correctly inside the vehicles cockpit.

Tues 29th Sept

I have done a quick render test of the interior in its low poly form.

Sat 3rd oct

interior continued

Sun 04 Oct

I have built the binocular type object that almost floats within the cockpit. Some render tests can be seen below. Its still rough in terms of shaders being chosen etc, but the basic geometry is in place

Quick Update

I have added some more buttons etc to the control panel and added a pinkish tint to the environments sky to give the vehicle some standing and feeling of place.

Fri 9th Oct

I have been working on rendering and shading mostly in the past few days, playing around with neons and glow attributes. Any way I have added two renders below one of a night time scene possibly from street level and a brighter render that has a pinkish sky. (You may notice I have also modeled various buttons to the control panel, just to add detail)

Sun 11th Oct,

Continued work on the control panels that are placed around the vehicle. Testing shaders and different materials. Mainly adding more detail to areas that need it, the side door, the back plate behind the chairs etc.

A Finished Interior render, I have added more detail to the control panels, chairs' etc. I have also added some environment lighting through the use of neon. I am pretty pleased with the overall render especially with the lighting. I would still like to add some more detail to the different panels etc. For this particular render I feel I have achieved what I set out to do, in replicating the blade runner feel.