Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Disney Characters

I am fascinated with Walt Disney films, and how the characters are designed, I know Disney used a system of circles and shapes to create the characters, allowing the animators to keep the design consistent frame after frame. When the characters are broken down into simple shapes they still poses a certain magic, appeal and personality. Out of pure interest I have found some old model sheets of some Disney characters.

One of the nine old men Marc Davis was responsible for desiging the charcater 'Tinkerbell' for the disney classic peter pan in 1953. The Figure drawing is beautiful in this rough sketch of Tinkerbell and the expressions are so expressive portraying the charcters personality. The original design of tinkerbell was inspired by a woman called Margaret kerry. Who Disney employed as a model so the animators could rotoscope her in certain positions which would eventually become some of tinker bells signature poses.