Friday, 5 November 2010

Ford GT40 1966 Model

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The plan for this project is to model the Ford GT40 race car as realistically as possible, and the end result would be to render the car and make the render look of the time period. I will be modeling the 1966 model, so I might edit the render to look like an old photograph, possibly playing with colour. The 'photograph' would be of the car in action, racing.

I have started importing the image planes, ready to start sketching out the basic shape. As always I will start with the front bonnet section. I have noticed the car is made from panels, but each panel takes up quite a large surface. I would normally model in stages of each seperate panel, However as the car is built using roughly 3 panels I will start with modeling the basic shape and when happy I will separate each panel from the one mesh.

I have continued to work on sketching out the basic shape of the car. The side of the car is split into three large panels, the front, door and the back. I dont particularly like to work with dense mesh straight away, as it causes problems down the line. However to keep continuity I have extruded from the front to make the door and then extruded again to make the back.

I have started building the roof section, as well as adding some more detail to the bonnet and boot section.

Im happy with the basic shape at the moment. The boot section is coming togetehr quite well, so I will concentrate on adding more detail to the side.

Ok, each area has quite a bit of detailed applied to it, Its getting there. I have moved back to a grey lambert as i was finding the blinn distracting. I have also been fleshing out the more detailed bits.

Some more detail to the bonnet.

Framing the door area

Starting work on the rear vent area. The image below shows the reference I am working from.

The basic shape is built. I have started adding more detail to the windows. Mainly giving the car the once over before adding extra detail so I dont have to tweak bits further down the line.

I will now start work on the back section, tweaking vertices here and there too add some definition to the curved wheel arch. Then I will move on to the rear section of the car adding bits of detail.

I have been spending quite a bit of time recently tweaking the topology, making it more accurate. I have also started work on the rear of the car.

Working on the rear section. Adding the tail light hole and the other details.

I did a few reflection tests, by doing this it tells me which sections are working and which elements need work. When the reflection runs smoothly the model is correct. Where there are portions of the reflection not falling correctly the model needs work. Its getting there but still needs a lot of work still.

I have been working on the roof, in particular where the wind screen meets the side door window frame. I am trying to get the body shape correct and in place before adding any more detail to other areas.

Building out the headlight. This section is going to be compiled into three sections. The inner Headlight compartment, the bulb detail, and the light casing. Along with added screws.

This area and shape will need tweaking still, to maybe make the light more pointy. I have built the basic shape so adjustments can be made with out to much worry. The reflections seem to be running coherently along the headlight. I will keep a track on this as I tweak further.

The headlight is nearly there, I have started building out the bumper details.

Added the triangle vent thingy, as well as adding more detail to the lower fog light.

I have added the bonnet compartment clip. This area differed quite abit from reference to reference. Some had circle pins and others had twist clips. I noticed the photographs from the 60's of the 60's model used clips. So I have gone with them.

I have been working on the Petrol cap section. Modeling a hole in the cars body then the actual cap itself. I have also sketched out some mechanical bits for the petrol cap to sit next to.

Updated Reflection test

Im really happy with the reflections so far, there giving me positive feedback that the model is on the right track. Im especially pleased with the rear wheel arch, the reflections are bending how I wanted them too with the curved mesh.

Creating the wheel

I have been working on the car's UV's. Then I will start to texture the decals to the cars surface.

Most of the textures have been applied, I will start texturing the wheels.

The project has developed quite well since my last update. The car is now fully textured and render to be placed in a pose. I have also start to think about composition, As I stated at the start of the blog, my aim is to end up with an old looking black and white render. So it is relative to the time of the actual car. I may play with the composition when its done to test other ideas out.

I decided upon a pose which I have shown below. I will build some more 3d objects to help fill the scene and add to the scenes 'subject', a race track setting.

I then decided to add a skid line texture to the floor.

I took the render into photoshop and added trees, played with the colour and tone. I decided to allow the orange and blue tone to come out of the images as its quite iconic.

I also added some depth of field to make the furthest away objects look blurry in the distance. I hope you like the final result and enjoyed this blog. Im pleased with the outcome. I may still play with it, but I feel I have achieved what I originally wanted to achieve.