Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Horse Anatomy drawing project

To practice my drawing skills, a piece I will complete with emphasis on portraying motion. Using pencil and charcoal. It needs to be good as it will be a gift for someone. Im going to start laying down the foundations of the muscles, head etc using circles, then joining the circles to create a flowing line.

I have added some more shading, hair etc and general detail, maintaining the sketchy look I like

I have sketched out the muscles and added more definition as well as the maine, I like the expression on the face so far. The front right leg needs re-doing perhaps.

I have started to add some of the environment, mainly making the smokey dust the key feature as the horse is in motion. To create the dusty smokey effect I used a mix of pencil with gentle white charcoal. I have also added some soft shading to define the muscles around the front legs.