Monday, 23 January 2012

3D Ford Fiesta composition

Its been some time since I last updated my blog. I'm planning on building a ford fiesta (my own car at the moment, and Im hoping as I have the little beast outside I can reference a lot of detail!)
My initial thoughts will be to go against the norm of modeling a flash super car and instead model a more run of the mill vehicle and render it in a run down possibly rusty state. The prospect of texturing the car to look neglected and damaged is exciting me. I managed to find some schematics for the vehicle in the ford handbook that can with the vehicle so for starters I have imported them in Maya as image planes to work from.

In a similar way to the Subaru Car I modelled previously this car is made up from several panels. So I will model it panel by panel, starting with the bonnet panel.

At the moment I am sketching out the basic shape, trying to keep the polygon count low for the time being.

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