Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bladerunner compositional animation

My aim for this project is to use my 3d model i created of the spinner, texture it and animate it. Then finally composite it in an original scene from the film. Trying to create as much realism as possible, as well as keeping a single still frame alive through out an animation. I have made a quick attempt at syncing the 3d model within a frame from the film below using photoshop.

Original Frame

Frame after i added my 3D model and tweaked the image

This is a quick attempt but i have just added lens flares to the spinner. I have also added flares to the lights on the right hand side, just to bring them back to life and refresh them. i have darkened the actual spinner and blurred some of the sharp edges.

A few ideas I am going to bare in mind to add to the sequence would be to add atmosphere through gradual mist, flickering lights, an animated coca cola logo, more light glares possible blurring of the background and use of shadow as well as reflection caused by the spinners presence. In particular the spread of light caused by its placement in the scene. I will look into using 3d layers in after effects to try and achieve the effect that the moving light will have on the buildings in the scene.

Adding textures to the model

Another render from the same angle but with the spinner facing a different angle, in this shot I have added the lights as well as the lights blur as it dispenses into the sky. I have also used a hdri image to add reflections to the spinners shiny surface, in particular the windscreen. The image maybe to small to see this, il try and add more detail to show this.

Close up

Still needs quite a bit of work and research to try and get it to integrate with the image better i think. The next steps are to add more blur and light to the underside of the vehicle, just so there is some sign that light exists there a little hint should do.